VERMONT! Two shows this weekend! Friday in Burlington at Arts Riot Studio. Saturday at Middlebury College!
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I saw Dan Deacon the other night and the security guard made this face the entire time…
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Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus No.19


I saw one of his installations in Fort Worth a few years ago. So beautiful

Control Room by Roxy Paine made made out of wood, steel, automotive paint and glass

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oh cool. tumblr deleted my custom code! thanks tumblr!

Cool video LOOKING GLASS from Benjamin Lebeau on Vimeo of my Philip Glass Remix  “Alright Spiral Snip”

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New coupons on the ice website
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I have a great time in New Orleans. I HAVE. Photos by @notstefani
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Another one from Boise. Awesome festival! @treefort
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