This is the first time since Spiderman of the Rings I made an album by myself. I’ve been in my studio pretty much all day and night for weeks now. I can’t wait to finish and never want to stop.
/13:12/ 45

Had a lot if fun tracking with the #arp2600 last night.

I’m playing Fields Festival, an awesome camping festival outside of Baltimore Aug 22-24! Tickets are on sale now.
/19:43/ 10
Just finished 2 days of intense #synthesizer recording at the #Moog factory/studio/wonderland. This was our setup Did most of the tracking on their yet to be released #sub37 paraphonic synth and lots of custom synth configurations of poly chained voyagers, sub phatty quartet. So much fun!! Ok back to work! ❤️🎹❤️
/13:40/ 60

i’m not sure if this is real or not but i dont care either way. 



"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

how on earth



I’m never going to be the same now that I’ve seen this. #fatefulfindings
/04:03/ 20
Easily one of the most insane movies I’ve ever seen. Baffling in every way possible. #fatefulfindings
/04:02/ 21
Getting ready to track the new album and making some changes to my studio. Last night I made this DIY rack case out of some older racks for this non-DIY gear.
/10:53/ 40
Playing a 4 hour structured improv for modular synth and player piano at the CCCD Gallery tomorrow for @moogfest. Also here is a sassy photo of me at the gallery.
/19:25/ 69

In Burlington at Soundtoys playing with and ogling their magical collection

humans are so awesome and so awful all at once

VERMONT! Two shows this weekend! Friday in Burlington at Arts Riot Studio. Saturday at Middlebury College!
/19:53/ 11

I saw Dan Deacon the other night and the security guard made this face the entire time…
/01:06/ 57
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